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A collection of 13 best Taylor Swift remixes
01. Tim McGraw Evolution
02. Holy Ground (Drum remix)
03. Treacherous (Orchestral)
04. I Knew You Were Trouble (Acoustic duet)
05. Last Kiss (Piano version)
06. Ours (Split)
07. Ronan (feat. Ronan)
08. Picture To Burn (Alternate Version)
09. Safe & Sound (Music box)
10. Sad Beautiful Tragic (Red Tour Experience)
11. Last Kiss (Genderswapped)
12. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Acoustic, Alt. Vocals)
13. Never Grow Up (Piano remix)


I can’t wait to move in with someone and cook for them and own dogs and watch movies and have a live-in-best-friend who I get to bang

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ladies and gentlemen, the american education system

My school apparently ran out of toilet paper a few weeks ago and my Spanish teacher was telling the girls to keep a roll in their purses and the guys to keep a roll in our backpacks. North American Education system.

this is basically any public school in the world tbh

bet the football teams have new equiptment though


One time my school ran out of basic eight by eleven paper so we had to use bright pink legal size for six months but they still had money to build a giant fucking concrete wall next to the track for the lacrosse players to bounce balls off of
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It’s weird that pirates would go from shore to shore looking for buried treasure when the real treasure was in the friendships they were making

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